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Love the frohawk! How did you sculpt it?

It's actually a grass tuft…


... Shame about the arm join on the left shoulder (or is it just the photos?)...

Nah, you busted me. I was experimenting with different fillers: green stuff, Vallejo Plastic Putty, and Vallejo Stone Filler.


The white areas show the Plastic Putty (the Stone Filler is white, too, but I think I tried that on a different model). The Plastic Putty was a lot easier and faster to apply, but it was hard to tell whether it was flush with the model or not. Plus, I was impatient. My interest in modeling trails my interest in painting. But it was a good learning experience. Good that I learn these lessons on gaming figures, so that I can apply the lessons to the rare display figure that I might paint.

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hey Shades, nice to see you over here :)

Hey there, Demonn, fellow WAMPer! Yeah, 2E did everything it needed to do to bring me back into the game. Michael Brandt of NOVA Open fame launched a gaming group that has grown to well over 20 new Malifaux fans in only 2 months. We now play every Monday night -- Malifaux Monday! Most everyone agrees that 2E is now one of the best-designed and well-produced miniatures games on the market. Way to go, Wyrd!

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As always, you have great models!


Thanks, Aaron!

I gather from the last podcast and from your signature that you moved out of the area. Sorry we couldn't fit in a little more gaming before you left!


Lovely Marcus crew. I even like the proxies. Great flesh-tone on Marcus and I like the molemen color. The 'hawk on Cojo is epic. What are the 30mm proxies supposed to be? Canine Remains maybe?

Thank you, Dgraz! Yup, sure enough, they're Canine Remains. But I call them Baby Cerberus's, ha, ha.

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Wow, the weathering on the torii gate is great.A little confused about the lantern placement, though.


It's just there to occupy some of the negative space and add interest.  I was torn between that and the bonsai tree.  The tree was appealing because it would consume a little more empty space, and it's irregularity would break up the straight lines of the Torii gate.  But I decided I wanted to experiment with the OSL, and I figured it might add a little more life to the piece than a static bush.

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