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A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!


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So I thought I'd ask you lovely people if you could help me out with a challenge my friend has presented me with.

He plays Dead Man's Hand on occasion, and whilst he has plenty of mounted cowboys, he does not have any horses in his livery stable. He's trying to find 28mm standing horses (with no saddle, bridle, etc) that he can base up and either stand in the stalls or out in the corrals.

We're both stumped - we can find dead horses, standing horses with tack, running horses with tack, running horses with no tack, armoured horses....you get the point.

If anyone knows a good place to find these then I would be very grateful!

P.S. We're in the UK so whilst I am sure he's not opposed to buying overseas, the delivery/import costs will most likely be too much for something that's essentially just for fluff.

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Has he thought about getting a pegasus or unicorn figure and doing some converting - there are plenty of both of these around without any trappings, and the pegasus usually need only the connecting points for the wings filled and unicorns the horn cut off...

Those I've seen are typically in running or rearing poses though.

Eureka miniatures do appear to make horses as well...



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