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Mold Making: Anyone tried it?


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Considering how small the miniatures are and the depth of the detail, there would be no feasible way to mold a whole model. My question is, has anybody ever tried to make a mold of a disassembled piece, still in sprues? I'm interested in molding some copies of pieces (like the head/chest combo pieces on certain characters, wings, some weapons) to make different things I can possibly make interchangeable. In most cases, I would just buy another one if I really needed to, but with only wanting to do certain pieces (possible with some cool translucent resin), I don't see it as overly cost effective. I am getting my Herald of Obliteration set finally and I love the look of the nothing beast so much that I want to make pieces of it interchangeable, if at all possible.

Anybody had any luck with molding the tiny, tiny little pieces at all? If so, what kind of molding rubber do you use? I use Allumite.

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My very first posts on these boards were regarding asking about pirating a company's miniatures on their own web site. It is generally a bad idea. The short version is if you live in the USA it is covered by federal laws, there is no provisions for "personal use" in this regard, there is no provision for "it is ok as long as I don't sell it", and I quoted the relevant laws at length. Basically, if you make them but don't sell them you can be taken to civil court, if you sell them you can be brought up on criminal misdemeanor or felony charges depending on how much you sell.

Don't do it, and if you do it anyway don't talk about it on the web site of the people whose rights you will be violating.

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I've made molds, but mainly for my own creations out of greenstuff.

There is nothing wrong with mold making, but copying big existing pieces, especially sprues, feels wrong. Wyrd does a lot of good stuff, don't pirate. I can see the problem with translucent material for non-translucent models, so that's kind of a grey zone to me.

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