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An idea for a themed crew... maybe not Malifaux though?


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I was thinking what models do I like...

Now call me mad (many have and worse) but I quite like the new Urien Rakarth miniature


I was thinking how could this model fit in Malifaux? It has to be either Outcast or Neverborn. Too inhuman for the others.

So then thinking what masters are there.... well how about Leveticus? He sort of has a necromantic-freaky scientist vibe going on. I could use other models from the range as freaky machine-flesh constructs.

Is that too freaky?

Alternatively... pushing the idea further! How about a "Rasputina" alternative? The theory being that the cult is a sort of cenobite thing instead and instead of Ice Pillars I could have freaky "flesh pillars".... the golem is there with the big beasty thing... gamin could be some smaller flesh/machine meld like abominations.

Have I had too much coffee?

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Yeh the Cryx line of models would work as well. I have thought about using those to...

Either Asphyxious in one of his forms or one of the Withershadow Combine models as Leveticus himself.

Mechanithralls as Aboms.

A warjack as the DE.

Not sure about Ash/DE or Rusty....

As for the above, do you not think its too "sci-fi" or freaky?

Could it fit with the steam-punk genre that Malifaux is set in?

Could the models be converted to be more steam-punk? If so, how?

I was thinking of using slaves as the Waifs as they are shackled to Leve a slave-theme seemed to fit.

As for the Ashes & Dust breaking up, that could be done by breaking up that model into two parts. A stationary section and then a whirling mess of blades and spikey bits.

What about as I mention as using it as a "Raspi" crew? Pillars of Flesh just sounds icky and disturbing. But then I like Raspi in M2.0E.

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the GW ones aren't to sci fi, just paint them with metal instead of the vlack stuff and they'll look like alchemical and steam powered monsters.

As for Dust storm and the core, I guess with the Talon will be enough spare parts to build something for both.

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Personally, I would avoid GW finecast like the plague, especially the Dark Eldar Models. I have a reasonable Dark Eldar force that I haven't played in over a year since I had over half a 10 man unit of Wracks crumble in my hands during the course of a single game. Completely killed my desire to play them ever again.

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how and or what will ashes & dust split into?

If you could bring yourself to buy two copies of that model the ashen core could be like a limp version of it lying on the ground (I think that kit comes with a bunch of spare parts so you might be able to do it without having to buy two), and then the dust storm would be a cloud of the alchemical vapours that had previously animated it.

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