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Puppet Wars Redux


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Looks promising indeed. What are the hexes made of ? Wood ?

If so, how did you cut these ?

Cheers all, got some more work done on the bases and finished painting the rest of the board. Just looking to put a wooden edge round the side and then its good to go.

I started to cut hexes out but they really didnt follow a strict enough pattern and would have looked all wrong. So I done a bit of surfing and came up with these bad boyz - also had enough left over to make some of the terrain.

Here's the link: http://www.fenrisgames.com/shop.html#!/~/product/category=2202354&id=9610051

I'll post some more pics up soon :)

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Mbbelius, you're awesome. Thanks to you, I now have an order of laser cut hexes on the way that will save me a lot of time and solve a logistic problem I had.

See, I bought a big aluminium-ish suitcase in a store nearby (Canadian Tire for those who wonder, a kind of garage/tire store that evolved into selling tools, then sport stuff, then gardening stuff, then pretty much everything else except food and clothes). It has a foam case inside with pre-cut cutouts to customize it. Perfect. 6 inches high. Perfect again. Enough space for the 44 miniatures, the fate decks, the cards, the tokens, and even some spare spots for further miniatures. Great. Then I realized it was 1/2 inch too short for the board. I could cut it in half, but didn't want to.

I was thinking "Maybe I can cut myself some hexes, how hard can it be ?" Right. I had the intelligence to dig a bit, only to realise I wasn't the first one to try.

Long story short, thanks Mbbelius !

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