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Hard 2 Kill's march through 2nd edition

hard 2 kill

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Sold all of my malifaux just before ten thunders came out. my club just stopped playing it all together and at the time i had the entire guild range and a sprinkle of extras. With 2nd edition it has exploded at my club again which is fantastic news for me. so heres my wromp through malifaux 2nd edition minis, these have been a pleasure to paint some of the photos are a bit iffy but thats my phone for ya. my painting isnt winning any awards but wanted to share as i love these new minis from wyrd!!!



papa loco:


Papa loco back with too much varnish in his hair:


Nino (tried my hand at Tartan not real happy with it)




Perdita ( i had trouble painting her, nothing went right):


Enslaved Nephlim:


Ortega family:


Guild rifleman 1:


Guild rifleman 2:


Guild rifleman 3:


Group Shot:


Ice Golem:




Ice gamin:




Group shot:


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Thanks guys for the kind words, i wasnt expecting that at all.

Can you please tell me what's the metal you used on riflemen guns? I'm looking for the one you used on optics, but since I'm new to painting, I'm totally lost between various brass and copper tints...

its a base of P3 molten bronze with a sepia wash highlighted with Citadel Dwarf Bronze ( i am unsure as to what this colour is called now in the new range)

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Citadel Dwarf Bronze is now Hashut Copper

->for citadel old to new:


even better link is


wich compares across Citadel old & new, Vallejo, Rackham, Reaper, P3, Coat d'Arms, and even gives hex code.

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Thank you very much!

I've read around the net that sometimes P3 Molten Bronze used to have some problems(1,2), and that's quite a pity, I hope they resolved the issue in the last 3 years...

Hashut Copper was the paint I looked mainly :) do you think it could approach Molten Bronze tint, adding a very small droplet, or a wash after, of reddish-brown?

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Thanks every one i was pleased with how they turned out

Love the work man. are those trap variations created by you? i have the trapper box, but looks like they were all the same and looking to vary them as well.
. these are the traps from the box set i just didn't use their scenic bases. i tend to make and paint the bases long before i even start the miniature ( one of the methods i use to keep on painting) so when i realized they had their own, almost, base inserts i just had to leave them out!
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