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Malifaux returns to Genghiscon, CO! 2-16-14


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Malifaux Tournament on Sunday at 9:00 AM

Here is the blurb straight from the con book.

Come join us for our first Con event of second edition. Single faction, 50 soulstone, 3 round tournament. 2nd edition wave 1 and 2 models allowed. Scheme pools pregenerated for all players each round. We will have custom themed tables, loads of fun, and great prizes.

I am super excited about my first big tournament of the new edition. Already it is looking to have the largest turn out yet.

Convention badge is required, which gets you into the con and the vendor hall. The Malifaux event itself is $4. There is plenty to do on Friday and Saturday, with a few events starting as early as Thursday. A great venue, and a new annex to allow more room for us miniature gamers.

More info, as well as a downloadable events pdf can be found at http://www.denvergamers.org

This event is on the heals of the official release of wave 2 cards, so please bring them. I will have limited supplies on hand. We are also very new player friendly, with previous cons boasting all skill levels. It is a great time, and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

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