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Amesbury, MA: Sunday, February 23, 2014 Malifaux 50SS Fixed Faction Tournament


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We are kicking off our 2014 Malifaux Tournament Season at the Toy Soldier Games and Comics! We hope to see you there!

Any Questions or comments can be posted here, PMed to me, or posted on our Games Store's Forums. If you know you are coming please let me know to help me plan ahead, thanks all!


  • 50SS
  • Fixed Faction (Crew Selection as normal for each round)
  • 3 Rounds (1 hour 45 minutes each)
  • Wave 2 Models allowed (the official card-pdfs will be released before the start of this event, any models in beta will not be allowed, i.e. no Avatars)
  • Proxies are allowed for things with publicly available models (any other proxy request should be asked for before the day of the event)


  • There will be an accompanied painting compeition (included in entry fee)
  • Voted on by the players, enter your best COUPLE (It's near enough to Valentine's Day isn't it?)


  • Sunday, February 23, 2014
  • Registration begins at 10:30, first round begins at 11:30.
  • $10 Entry fee (ALL of the entry fee goes towards prize support)


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Thanks to everyone for showing up! Yes we had 11 people come to the tournament, with Toy Soldier's Very own Danny Jackman coming in first, followed by Toy Soldier's Tim, and Dave coming in third. Matt Perry (Zombie Matt) won best painted, Tim won best sport,a nd Sam got the spoon (as well as the random door prize). I hope you all had fun, feel free to leave any questions or comments about the tournament here or you can get in touch with me directly. I will keep you posted on wen the next event will take place. The scores are posted below for anyone interested as well. Thanks all!





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Both HenchmenMatt and I had two draws on the day, our first being against each other. I then drew Lyons in round two.

So, yeah, kinda strange.

But the event was nice, the terrain was really cool. Not a fan of the space, really tight, musty and low pipes. (If you're 6'5) Would really like to see Toy Soldier clear out the other half of the basement to be able to spread out more than a bit.

That said, wouldn't hesitate to go back, good people, well run and nice location.

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What masters were people running? Hoping to make the next one!

There was a lot of jumping around Masters that I saw.


HenchmenMatt ran Ramos all day, I did Levi twice then Hamelin.


Danny, 1st place, was rocking upgradeless Lynch.


There was some more 10T, some Gremlins and a couple Outcast players.  Jonasty did his usually "complete lack of humanity" and played his Neverborn! :P


Overall, I would say a nice mix of all factions and players switching Masters while others stuck with a single one.


Didn't see much in the way of Ressers.

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