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Hey all,

New player struggling with the game language here.

The Pounce rule states:

'When an enemy model ends a Push or Move within this model's engagement range that is not part of a Walk or Charge action, this model may take..... Etc etc'.

What constitutes a 'Move' in this case?

Sure this has been asked a million times but having searched through things, I can't find an answer, so thanks for your time.



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It's really not an errata. No wording was changed. How do you move towards something that you are as close as possible to?

It's not "move toward", it's "Move target model its Wk. The target must end the move as close to this model as possible."

You can move it anyway you like so long as no other way of moving it would end closer.

However, that's RAW. We have errata, and those take precedence.

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