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Ryoken's Army Log


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So, I have been playing Malifaux since it has been released, but I never really got into the forums much. I normally just ghost around, but I thought it might be nice to start sharing. So, I figured I would start by sharing my first army. Over the next few days I will post them all, but today I will just start with the Guild


I have a Hopkins, some Hounds, and a few Marshals left to paint up, and I will be posting everything in pairs soon to come. Thanks for stopping by!


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Thank you! My buddy actually came up with the idea for the Executioner. He said it reminded him of Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, so I asked him if he wanted to have a go and he painted it up for me. Davicusprime also did up the Peacekeeper for me as a birthday present.

Anyway, here are a few more closer shots.



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One of my more recent purchases was a Misaki crew. I really like the green used for it. It is almost like a day glow. I will post some close ups here in a bit.


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Certainly a unique color scheme. I like how well they look as a cohesive crew. I'm also very impressed with the white. I was working on white for my Nurses and I can't seem to get it looking nice like yours. What armor wash do you use?

I used a P3 black armor wash. First I primed white then used a GW Skull White. I went over it two or three times so it looked even, then I used the armor wash heavily watered down.

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I love the idea of adding the glow in the dark paint to the green, I might have to do it. With this crew, a buddy of mine painted the first couple up for me, gave me the idea for the green (he also got me the paint, the color blew my mind) After that, I copy pasta the scheme for the rest of my Misaki crew. I have been happy with how they turned out.




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