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Malifaux Tournament 02/15/14 in Suwanee, Georgia

Kad Baz

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The Tower Game Center in Suwanee, Georgia will be hosting a Malifaux 2nd Edition Tournament on Saturday, February 15th 2014, sign in at 11:30, with play beginning at noon.

The tournament will use the following format:

Three rounds lasting 95 minutes, with 15 minutes for setup prior to each round.

Matches will be 50 Soulstones.

Participants will declare a single faction at the beginning of the tournament, and will then follow the "Hiring Crews" guidelines on page 72 of the rulebook.

Each round all participants will the same scheme, and pick from the same poll of strategies, chose by the T.O. prior to each round.

Each strategy and scheme is considered unique and will only be used once in the tournament.

Winners will be determined by most wins, with ties broken by comparing VP.

Proxied models and Beta rules WILL be allowed, but must be the most up to date version of the rules.

There will be a $10 entrance fee, which will go back into the prize pool. To sign up, please either post in this thread, or in the facebook group Georgia Malifaux, or contact the T.O. @ jlee1232@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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Just wanted to let folks know that we will be having the tournament tomorrow, as the weather has cleared up. We will also be having a painting contest after the touney with prizes for best single mini and best crew. And yes, Avatars WILL be allowed. Hope to see everyone there!

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