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Basing/terrain question


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I've since switched to resin bases I've bought online in various styles but some of my original bases were just hand done with minimal thought/skill and some green stuff. For my Perdita crew, they just have flat bases with sand/gravel on them. I'm ok with the texture overall but I want to spruce them up a bit.

What I want to do and have been having trouble figuring out is putting tumbleweeds on the bases. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this and make it look relatively good/believable? Also hopefully something that's fairly sturdy, at least once it's attached.


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As for attaching, I would think a small pin in the base with the tumbleweed pushed down onto it with some glue should hold it fairly well. The durability issue would depend on how tight of a tumbleweed you want. If you want a loose packed one like you see in many old movies, you may have some issues making it durable. If you go for something more tight to give the tumbleweed effect, then the scrubby idea could work, or some glue hardened clump foliage.

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