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Branching out from Lady Justice


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I'm new, and this thread has one along similar lines in the arcanists section. I don't have many mini pics up or a high post count, and haven't gotten a game in yet, but am gearing up for my next round of purchases.

So, I have primed the Lady Justice set, and have read a few threads started by fellow noobs, and there is great tips on improving Lady J herself as well as the questionable value for cost on the scales of Justice, and the taxi-ing with the death marshall coffins.

I have yet to get the arsenal deck, and the next things to get are a fate deck and smaller rule book.

Things I am thinking of getting next with my budget is:

Guild Riflemen

Exeuctioner model (is that the right name, the fat guy with claws)

Another Judge

Sonnia Criid set

Also, I hear those bird throwing guys are good. Auru-somethingers. Austringers?

Any thoughts/tips/pointers? I really know so little about the game, but I'm approaching Malifaux differently to other games: get armies painted before playing, have a good and playable (not waac overpowered), and have everything ready to go before starting (cards in sleeves, rules, tokens, etc.) as in general I have a disorganised approach to hobbies like this.


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Hiya, welcome to the game, you won't regret it!

When you say "another judge", do you mean you already have one? Just asking as the Judge is a unique (now 'rare 1') model which means you can only ever have one of it on the table, so no point buying 2.

You might want to invest in some guild guards for low cost minions, and austringers which are great range models. Guild hounds are wave 2 but the current models are lovely and also a nice addition to a guild crew.

LadyJ is a lovely crew and fun to play, good luck!

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@ Poulpox


I didn’t realize that! Oops…

Guild Guard and Austringers soud good. The hounds ain’t bad.

@ Fetid Strumpet

Austringers sound good.

@ Uktena

I do like the new Sonnia set, but will hold off buying it until I get my Lady Justice crew finished.

@ Sharp_GT

Good to know they offset some of the crews weaknesses!

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I was in a store with half price stuff, and picked up the Lucius set. However, the arm of the guild guard was an incorrect piece, it was a left arm for an alternative sculpt of the ones you get in the blisters. Where is the missing parts section of the site?

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I would also consider Pale Rider or Lone Marshall for a very mobile shooting platform. The Pale Rider is also great for schemes. He can zero action for a 4 inch push to place a scheme marker, then move up to 6, then place another scheme marker. BOOM! 2 scheme markers placed in one activation from one model - that's rare stuff in the Guild stable.

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Austringer is always a great choice. Guild Riflemen are great ranged as well, but require more finesse and work well with the Lucius box. I would suggest the Criid Torch & Blade Box. Gives you another master to play with that isn't too complicated, but different in play style. Also check out Nino he is a great shooter (the best in guild) and works well with many crews. An exorcist is great to bring whenever you play rezzers.


You definitely should get an arsenal deck. It gives you more generic upgrades to use on any crew. I love lead lined coat with judge. Plus you can use old 1.5 models and not have to buy the new ones. So you could pick up an old Nino and not have to buy the new box. Austringer currently only has it's two old models and you would have to have the arsenal deck to play it.

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