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Branching Out from Children of December


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I'm new, and don't have many mini pics up or a high post count, and haven't gotten a game in yet, but am gearing up for my next round of purchases.

So, I have painted the Children of December set, and an additional blister of old metal ice gamin. There are some metal gamin for wip on my painting table, but I am going to have them as part of a future Mei Feng army (perhaps) so do not consider them as part of that army list.

I got the arsenal deck, and the next things to get are a fate deck and smaller rule book.

Things I am thinking of getting next with my budget is:

Essence of Power (could work in a couple of different playstyle lists)

Silent One

Fire Gamin

Snow Storm

Rail Golem

Mei Feng set

I also have some Guild models on my shopping list, but that is for another thread, at another time, in another section of the forum. Also, the plastic ramos set is growing at me. I didn't like it at first, but now I do.

Any thoughts/tips/pointers? I really know so little about the game, but I'm approaching Malifaux differently to other games: get armies painted before playing, have a good and playable (not waac overpowered), and have everything ready to go before starting (cards in sleeves, rules, tokens, etc.) as in general I have a disorganised approach to hobbies like this.


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I think it depends whether you are looking to flesh out Raspy, or are looking to expand. The Arcanists, especially wave 1 IMHO, have less cross faction synergy than the others. Sure you can use an Ice Golem in a Ramos crew to mag off of and throw Electrical Creations, but for the most part the Arcanists models often work best with their "theme" master, almost to the exclusion of really taking them otherwise. (Mei and Ramos the exception)

This can make buying decisions difficult. If you are happy with Raspy I would get Snow Storm, the Blessed of December, and the Silent One, perhaps even in that order.

If you looking to expand, Mei Feng is probably a good choice for you. She is a melee master for a good change up from Raspy's shooty, area control style. She can help you expand in multiple directions from there since her crew members have good cross synergy with Ramos' he could be another master to pick up in faction, so you can good use of models over those two masters. Or, since Mei is duel faction Ten Thunders, you can use her to get into another faction entirely.

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I really love bringing Willie with Mei Feng. Because lets be honest here, what is not to love about a dude just running around throwing dynamite and then making a very large boom when he dies! And he is immune to all damage caused by :blast.

I would probably just get the metal Kaeris box if you are looking at grabbing some Fire Gamin, also comes with some Gunsmiths which I have found to be just as awesome as the thunders archers.

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Hey Mage,

to expand Raspy, I would recommend snowstorm as a first, followed by either the blessed or the sabertooth ceberus. The standard Raspy crew is relatively slow moving - all three of the above give you something that covers the slowness of the rest of the crew, and all three are heavy duty beatsticks in their own right.

Other models to look at are molemen, which are phenominal objective grabbers, or something like a decembers acolyte, to give yourself some extra ranged damage.

If you are looking to get some games in, I'm based in Cork myself, so we can organise a meet up for some games, or can try over Vassal. Also, theres Paddyfaux happening Paddy's weekend if you fancy getting your toes wet in a friendly competitive setting.

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I would put the December Acolyte as the first purchase to get. Good range damage, excellent triggers and effects, mobility with from the shadows and not too pricy. And because he is very good and not dependent on specific synergies he can fit very well into any crew that can bring him. For instance it's usually one of the first models that goes into my Colette crew.

That he is also in theme for Raspy is a nice bonus but IMO the acolyte is one of the best mid-range models the arcanist have to offer across the faction.

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@ Fenton Crack

I am looking to flesh out Raspy. I might leave Mei Feng for a while. Forgot to mention that I picked up the original Ice Golem and that Acolyte of December, which need priming. I’m more looking at expanding Rasputina and the faction in general, but from reading the posts it looks like one is better off sticking with their crew’s theme.

I like Mei Feng but might leave her off for a while, but what you say about Ramos is tempting.

I am tempted by Snowstorm, but I would not attach the horns and simply green stuff over the gab. I don’t like the Blessed of December sculpt, but I do like the silent one.

@ BeastieMR

The model of Kaeris is tempting, as I do want the Fire Gamin. I like the idea of gunsmiths but the models are a little fuggley.

Darn, there was a shop with two sets of ten thunder archers have price… live and learn I guess.

@ Tograth

I already wanted Snowstorm, but all the encouragement is making temptation too much. Is there a resculpt coming out for the Cerberus? I heard in the early days of mki the Cerberus was quite potent with Rasputina.

So the Snowstorm, Blessed and Silent one sew up the gaps in the crew. Food for thought.

I have picked up the Acolyte, just checkdc out the molemen and they are ugly models...

I’ve been down around north cork a couple of times, but with the storm weather and flooding I saw on tv in the city I decided not to head into the city. Any Malifaux going on at Warpcon? Can only make it down one day, the Saturday. I remember Paddyfaux, checking my work roster I am…off the entire weekend, unless there is a shift change affecting me in the next couple of days. I don’t have time to do vassal stuff at the moment with the apartment lease being up in a month.

@ Gorbad

Yup, I am starting to think I never mentioned the December Acolyte in my first post – it is a lovely sculpt. Thanks for the tips!

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The only thing Raspy can really be lacking is mobility. I would echo Tograth in his recommendation on Molemen, as I can't remember the last time I ran an Arcanists crew without one (two is great if you have a higher stone game). I should have read your post more carefully, as I assumed you already had the wave 1 Raspy stuff, and I guess you do, but December Acolyte would have been on the top of my list, not just for the Out of The Shadows, but his other movement tricks and being a great killer.

I had a perhaps overly long post regarding her wave one stuff here:


I think I may have an error or two in there (such as Wendigo's walks being 5 when it is 6) but it may be of some help regarding those models in crew selection.

As far as wave two, although it's beta and subject to change, I like all three of the new models (but Silent One a more distant third place. Snow Storm is great, as we finally have an in theme Henchman that is good over all, but mostly for its support aspects. While Ice Tornado can be used offensively with consistent although moderate blast damage, it really so shines as a movement tool. Instead of damaging Frozen heart models, it gives them a 3" push that can be doubled up to 6" on the Overpower trigger which is excellent for positioning other models. While this may not seem as good as the Golem's Toss of pitching models 10", but remember that Toss only works on Ht 1 models and Ice a tornado not only works on all the a Frozen a Heart models, but can also be done 8" away. This can be especially good at getting friendly models out of engagement while also damaging the enemy model, as with the blast, you will hit the enemy for 2/3/3 and push the friendly 3" away in any direction, which should get you out of engagement with most models. Snow Storm also has the excellent Decembers Command zero action to move Frozen Heart models into base contact that within 8" inches. This is obviously good just in that point alone, but is even better that it is a "place" not a "push". Once in base contact, even if your model is now not out of LOS (which getting them out of LOS is a real possibility since Snow Storm is 50mm) you will still benefit from the a Middle of a The Storm's Bullet Proof +1 aura.

The Blessed is great as she is both a beat stick, but also a potential objective grabber. She has a great Ml7 attack with multiple triggers that are not time hungry, that can dish extra damage, give an extra attack, or give her a 4" push (like them all situationally). She does not have a ton of wounds for a 9 stone model, but has staying power with Hard to Wound and an ability to heal completely after killing an enemy.

Her great movement comes from her 7" charge (further than all Frozen Hearts save Snow Storm that ties) with Unimpeded which is good kill radius to begin with, but can be doubled by using her Leap zero action first. This effectively 14" charge can get to most things, as unlike a trunking charge, she can change direction after the first 7". This also lest you leap, and then Focus instead to attack closer models to get past negative twists on the attack and damage to cheat cards for better chances to hit and better damage. Leap can also be used like nimble if you need to place her as a Raspy mirror or take an objective, giving you up yo 17" of movement.

Silent One I see as kind of a "baby Raspy" that does most of mom's tricks through triggers or otherwise, but less well (which should be the case at only 7 stones), but as a jack of many but master of none, I'm not sure if she is worth replacing a December Acolyte in my crew. The fact she can heal two different ways is neat, but i have to use either.

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@ Limelizard

Sounds like one of those harpoon helljacks from warmachine.

@ Fenton Crack

That’s one long post, thanks! I’ll check that thread out when I have time and not hungover.

Snowstorm sounds awesome rules-wise, I already like the model, the fact he seems to fill in the weakness gap of the crew being slow is icing on the cake.

Hate the model of the blessed but will see about converting it or finding an alternative. What is Wyrd’s position on conversions and parts from other companies at their official events?

Still so much I do not know, good to know what all the models do like the Silent one being a mini Rasputina.

@ Uktena

I’m open to suggestion, and it does appeal to me! No Gremlin players yet but if I am successful getting the game off the ground with my group then there will be. Frozen food!

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Well, he's in plastic with the Ramos crew? Sounds like a good excuse to pick it up down the line.

Also, picked up a silent one yesterday in a store with a 50% discount. Yeah!

PS: Also got some Ten Thunders archers for Mei Feng, even though this is an Arcanist thread. There was limited stock in the store, but I am happy with my purchases.

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I'm not sure I'll buy the whole box. I've spent a LOT of money recently so I'm considering just getting the old metal sculpt, as I want to buy the Mei Feng box set which I'll actually use.

He looks really good for Raspy though - she can give him frozen heart, he can get round armour and hard to wound and even has a way to dish out paralyze for the Wendigo.

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