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Tannen and Graves


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Being in wave2 beta still both are subject to change, but I'll share my reflections as I've been testing them both pretty thoroughly:

Graves is amazing in just about any crew. He brings a very unique ability and is solid both defensively and offensively. What unique ability you say? He gets to pick people up and chuck'em 6" then run after them; this allows him to play armored troop transport for your crew, as well as bring movement shenanigans against enemy crews. His ability to reposition your models and then take on enemy models is very useful. Certainly his talents are most appreciated in a Jakob Lynch crew (though he has no direct synergy there), but Pandora and Lilith can both find good use for him as well. Special notes: being a Nephilim, and one of the most durable at that, he makes a great member of a Lilith 'grow' list carrying the rapid growth upgrade. Pandora likes having him around to help corral the enemy models into her usual 'kill-zone' of aura effects.

As good as Graves is, his hunched friend is awkward. Tannen brings some very useful and powerful aura effects to the crew, but doesn't have a lot to do proactively. His chatty aura has won me games on it's own, chatty helps shut down entire schemes, and even his awkward de-buff spell can be clutch in the right situation. He doesn't dish out much damage, he isn't very fast, and his manipulative 13 is great and all, but won't stop a determined opponent from slaying him. But if you move him into just the right spot (using Graves can help this a lot) and you keep enemies engaged so they can't get to him, his presence can be invaluable. You don't know power until you have a full grip of cards and your opponent has had to burn their entire hand because every card they cheat costs an extra card. Like Graves he doesn't have synergies with the darkened crew directly, but he can fit into any crew looking for his unique talents. Worth noting he is a Woe and so can gain the benefit of Pandora's martyr ability to keep him alive, and she always appreciates more auras that force you're opponents into a bad position. Lilith probably doesn't really have room in her lists, though I haven't really tried to fit him in with her.

Together the pair has some nifty triggers to take advantage of. Graves has a built in trigger on his fence post attack to re-up Tannen's manipulative, helping to keep his little buddy alive. Tannen has a built in trigger on his de-buff spell to push Graves towards the target, both speeding his friend up and pushing a big fat engagement range towards the enemy so they can't get to him. The effect of Grave's trigger doesn't come up for me much, as once Graves is smacking people around they can't usually get to Tannen anyhow. Tannen's trigger has come up plenty, however, and been very helpful in firing Graves like a missile into the enemy crew and keeping him in position to carry his friends around where they need to go.

Take all of this with a grain of salt as these guys are still in beta, although they haven't changed since early november so I get the feeling they're mostly locked in at this point.

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