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M2e Gaming Day on Sat 18th Jan, at The Hall of Heroes.

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Gday, on Sat 18th Jan '14, I am going to run a casual M2e Games Day at The Hall of Heroes.

Players must choose 1 faction to play across the day. All Masters are available to play in that faction and there is no model pool.


Squatter's Rights, 25ss Game (Henchman must lead this game), Standard Deployment. 70mins +10 mins set up.


Reckoning, 50ss Game, Close Deployment, 100mins +10 mins set up.


Stake a Claim, 50ss Game, Standard Deployment, 100mins +10 mins set up.

Scheme pools will be generated at the start of each round.

Scoring will be done TP, DIFF, VP.

All Wave and Wave 2 models are available to be used.

For Wave 1 models, please have the stat cards available.

For Wave 2 models, please have printouts of stat cards in the beta that are released to us in Australia on the 15th Jan (dated in the cards as 14/1/14)

(On Wednesday I will post a link to the beta stat cards here)

Cost to play: $5 with Prize to the Winner. Additional prizes TBD based on number of players.

The Hall of Heroes is located at: 60 Queen Street Campbelltown, N.S.W 2560, ph. (02) 4625 8020

(The store is a 5 mins walk from Campbelltown Train Station)

For those players who are newer to the game, or have not yet had a chance to reveiw the new 2nd edition rules or play a 2nd edition game, I will be happy to have a demo game with you while I supervise the event.


Timothy Bassett.

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I knew I'd forgotton something.

Time: 11am rock up and register, for an 11.30am start of round 1.

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