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Help! In need of a Crazy McMourning Theme


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So my Black Friday order with McMourning only just arrived today and I now have about 2 weeks to assemble and paint them up for a Malifaux Tournament at Cancon on the 25-26th January. I'll be using McMourning as a Guild Master.

Only problem is, I have no idea how I want to theme him. :( I could a standard pink colour scheme but honestly, I want to something even crazier and more wacked out than that!

So please, throw me your ideas! The only restrictions is that it has to be at least slightly ridiculous, and it can't be any of the following because I've already done it or got it planned for another crew;

- Undead Guild

- Cakes

- Cl0wns

- Card deck basing

- Puppets

- Goth/emo style

- Neverborn Guild

- Jungle

- Adventure time

- Power Ranger colour scheme

- Flowers

Naturally, it also needs to be achievable within 2 weeks. Any ideas? ;)

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I think it's time for a good old fashioned Steampunk Mad Scientist. And by Steampunk Mad Scientist, I mean a Spark from Girl Genius.

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Oh! You should totally do a flesh construct as Othar Trygvarrson!

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I've still got some baked goods left over from my Mei Feng crew, so the odd donut or tart might not be out of the question. ;)

We'll see how it goes. I've ordered a 17-piece tea set through ebay, although the scale is larger than what Malifaux is. So comically large teacups and saucers may be in order. :P

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So update time!

As I said before (I think?) I ordered a dollhouse tea set through ebay and went about starting work on the models I could bring in a McMourning Guild crew. Here they are, based but minus any blood or tea;


This morning I finally got the tea set! Unfortunately I couldn't get them in the colour I wanted (ie. pink) and the scale just isn't right for all of the models but the Chihuahua, as you can see here;


I might get away with the cup on Seb's head too, but I'm not convinced it looks right.

So that means it's time for plan B. I'll stick with the teacup Chihuahua and I'll leave Seb and the Nurse as is. The rest of the tea set will be made into scheme markers, which should work nicely with the crew. McMourning still needs something for his plate though, so digging into my bits box I've located a nice, in theme replacement from when I was building my Mei Feng crew;


So do you reckon that will work? I'm thinking I won't try repainting the tea set on account of having limited time (they need to be ready by Friday) but they seem to fit alright with the green bases, so I don't think it will look bad.

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As promised, I thought I'd post up the final product;






I went with the tea cups on only with McMourning and his Chihuahua. I couldn't get them to look right on the others. The rest of the bits went toward the scheme markers, above, which turned out quite nicely. :)


So now it's on to the next crews - McCabe and Sonnia!

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Absolutely brilliant work, Rathnard!


As for the other projects, McCabe and Co with horsehead masks, a la Archie McPhee.




Sonnia's crew needs bathrobes and bunny slippers. :3 You will need copious amounts of greenstuff, I reckon, for either project. :P


~Lil Kalki


EDIT: The horse needs a McCabe mask (or a Wolverine mask).

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