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Raspi without Shattered Heart


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Non Shattered Heart Raspy works just fine, it comes down a little bit to playstyle and philosophy. I prefer to run her with the Heart as I want her to maul the opposing crew as fast and as hard as possible and don't really care when and if she dies as long as she does that first.

Non Shattered Heart, you'll most likely want to run Armor of December, in which case her deadliness drops, but its still a threat, and she becomes much harder to kill, giving her more of a control and threat presence on the board, because she will be much harder to remove, and the threat of her spells will give you some serious soft control over the board.

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I think it depends on what you're trying to achieve.

For my experience, I've felt that losing the penalty to Ca actions with the opportunity to use triggers at extreme range was worthwhile. But, I'm starting to see when going for a more defensive game might be worth it.

I don't think she breaks without it. She just might not lay down huge tons of hurt.

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She still has "Ice Nodes" without the upgrade, she just loses out on the multiple casts trigger (which typically costs extra stones or good cards).

As suggested above, Armor of December is a good choice is you choose to not take the Shattered Mirrors upgrade. This is more of a defensive playstyle, and I suggest it when you expect an opponent to be able to quickly engage Rasputina and thereby shut her down. Being able to use triggers when casting through an Ice Mirror is meaningless when you can't even cast in the first place.

Note that for pure silliness factor, the +Armor stacks if you do the Guarded Advance action multiple times...

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As far as I know, off the top of my head, none of those abilities that did such made it out of the last Open Beta. Philosophically I think having any ability ion the game that can reduce dmg to 0 diesn't work with how the system is set up now. Too many models are balanced on the assumption that if you attack and hit you can get at least get something through.

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