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DIY Markers?


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So... not technically a Mini matter... but crafty hobby goodness still.

I am going to create some very simple, basic game markers. I have some round wood blanks that are just a tiny bit over 30mm, giong to print out some images and stick/glue them on.

I'm looking for input in case I missed any... these are basically for scheme markers or to track various things in play... or am I really going to need all of these?

Shceme markers will be crew logos. I don't need corpse or scrap markers for either of my crews yet... but those may be on the list eventually.

I'm thinking some reversible fast / slow, +fate / -fate

Also a few for each card suit... to track when suits are added or other misc. conditions / objectives. And some with the M2e logo for generic markers.

Also Poison, Armor, Burning, Defensive, Focused, Reactivate and Paralyzed

I may also use some smaller, roughly 20mm discs, for wound markers...

I thought about doing some for Soulstones but I think I'm going to go the glass bead route... I miss having a pouch full of those from my old MTG days.

Any suggestions..?

When I get them done I'll be sure to post pics of each

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There's a guy who has a small shop doing these kinds of things. Maybe you could get some useful ideas from his stuff?

I even pitched an idea to him a while ago about doing markers for conditions, before M2E. I think having those would be really handy.

For the record, I don't know this guy personally but I've come really close to ordering his stuff a few times, because I really like them.


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You might want to make them a true 30mm if possible. If they at truly a hair bigger, it may not be any big deal, but if it's even a couple mm bigger it may make a difference to you opponent.

Since most scheme marker interaction involves being in base contact, there are certainly instances where I am a few mm shy of the interact, and bigger markers would let me interact when I should not be able to.

In very casual games, your poor t may not care either way, but you never know. I would also keep them flat on top if possible. I've seen a bunch of cool custom markers that are "3D", but since markers are height 0, you have to be able to place links three on top of them, or partially on top of them, and it can be hard to place or balance a model on tall markers, or markers without flat tops.

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good points, thanks!

I pretty much know noone who plays... going to be teaching a couple of friends so we'll be using the same tokens together... any advantage is equal on both sides that way.


I do plan on keeping them flat... they are flat, wood circles and are just barely bigger than 30mm. All my measuring tools are in Imperial standard, not metric, so I am estimating they are probably 32 or 33mm based on how much sticks out under a 30mm base.

Plus I have a bunch of them left from an old project so I don't need to put out any money on them. ;)

I would like to have custom clay poker chips done eventually... but that can be expensive to get a bunch of them...

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As mentioned above, the size does indeed matter for markers in this game. For many of the games I've played over the last couple years, we've bought and used extra bases as they're already the right sizes. In the last year I've found folks on this forum have put together pdf's with the nice art for various markers and tokens used in this game. I've printed these out as needed, glued them to card and cut them out. Making them pretty darn cheap and very easy to use as they are about 1.5mm thick the way I make them (double sided with two layers of poster board) and very flat so stacking them and placing models on them are never an issue.

Since M2E came out I've been looking at all the options I can find for markers out there and the cost for acrylic and wooden markers puts me off. I'd rather not spend a starter box worth of cash on a play aid. So the paper markers have been my solution, thanks to all you folks who are smarter than me regarding putting together the art and who've been kind enough to share the results of your work.


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You just gave me an idea...

I'll have to double check the diameter of the smaller discs I have... but I'm wondering if they wouldn't fill the insert slot in a 30mm base? If so, I could run with my same idea only use the disks for base inserts..?

At least they would be the proper size in case I ever end up playing against somebody who will care.

I'll have to keep my eyes open for some cheap bases

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Most people use the Wyrd bases for markers with an insert, and would be the preferred way to go. They are instantly recognizable as 30mm, so there is no question as to their size. If you are going to use the bigger discs I would put a smaller 30 mm decal or circle on the top that you can still make accurate measurements from

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Others make the beveled 30mm bases in also, so I don't mean to imply that they have to be Wyrd brand to be ideal.

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... also a great idea, thanks!

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Others make the beveled 30mm bases in also, so I don't mean to imply that they have to be Wyrd brand to be ideal.
If I use bases I will go with the Wyrd style, if not same brand. The beveled bases I have are 40k and are only 25mm.

If I'm gonna buy new ones they might as well be the same... ;)

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so since i bought all resin bases for my malifaux models, i have lots of plastic blank bases... I plan to use this technique for my markers. i'll probably do faction oriented colors.red/purple/blue for neverborn, camo for the viks, and something for mcmourning. i'm considering toing a bunch of the "toxic" ones then using transfer decals with numbers for poison markers. that or toxic for mcmourning markers and green glass beads as poison counters.

ok it seems i cant link to youtube, nor embed a video, so here is a link to a google search, it is the first video that pops up.


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I dig a couple of those ideas in the video. Thanks for the link.

I found a metric ruler! My big disks are 33 mm. But the smaller ones are 22 mm which appears to be 1 mm smaller than the insert depression. So I think I will use those so I can put them into bases.

I have about 45 of them.

Oh... And they are 2 mm thick.

I will print icons at 20 mm and stick them on... May stain over them as well... And blood spatter... Yes there should be spatter...

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