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Sonnia Criid - Reincarnation upgrade questions

Im Josh AMA



I recently played a game with Sonnia Criid vs Nicodem, and the game brought up a few questions. While i believe we ruled correctly in both cases, i just want to check.

Sonnia's upgrade for reference:

Violation of Magic: When an enemy model with the Burning condition within 10'(aura) of Sonnia is reduced to 0 wounds, Sonnia may spend a soulstone or discard two cards to summon a Witchling Stalker into base contact with the model before it is removed.

Scenario one -

A model with the burning condition is reduced to 0 wounds via the burning condition itself at the end of the turn (i believe it was a flesh construct on 3 wounds with burning +4). Can i summon a witchling when this model dies?

We ruled that i was able too since the burning damage is done and thus the model reduced to 0 wounds before the condition is removed.

Scenario two-

A model on one wound is killed with an attack that gives burning (in the game believe it was a witchling stalker rushing to Sonnia's defence against a punk zombie. The witchling stalkers rules state that all models damaged by this model gain the Burning +1 condition).

We ruled that the witchling would do its 2 damage from its melee attack to kill the model before burning was applied, thus i could not use Sonnia's upgrade.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Scenario 1: yes.

Scenario 2: You could get a witchling. Burning is part of the witchlings damage. Damage is applied before killing the model, even if it overflows.

Keep in mind that Sonnia must pay 2 cards or 1 SS to get a witchling in this manner, and that the witchling must be within LOS of Sonnia, and within her Aura.

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