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Painted my War Rooster


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Thanks, all, for your kind words. I consider myself a journeyman painter but I'm trying to up my game a little. Posting them here is a motivation for me. It's not so much about getting people to say nice things (as much as that's highly appreciated) but more along the lines of an indication to me that a miniature is finished, if that makes sense.

Good base and figure combination.

Thanks, man. One area where I'm trying to be more thorough is in basing. Up to now it's been glue, green flock, done but I want to set off my models better. My hesitation with static grass, etc, was that it looks relatively fragile. I use my models first and foremost as game pieces so I didn't want to put time into basing that was just going to get smooshed but there are a ton of cool base inserts available now that are durable that I don't have an excuse anymore!

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Bright, clear colors, very striking and easy to see from the other side of the table. I like it.

The photos make it hard to tell, but I think the waddle at the top is fading from red to a very light orange? Great detailing with the stone; drybrush or a wash?

The only real critique I have is that the colors are blocked out, but don't have the detail for a closer view. The yellow of the chicken is great to pick out across the table, but up close as in the pictures, it relies on the texture of the model to give shadow and depth. A brown wash will help with that, then you'd want to go back over the areas to brighten with a highlighting color.

Otherwise, good stuff.

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