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Battle for the Big Hat


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So a while ago in a place called twitter, 3 gremlins had a bit of an argument as to who was the top dog of the gremlins. Dom (dumb_luck) claimed he was the original gremlin therefor he was best, Me (Chris, Lemonconstruct, LHS) is actually (yep thats gremlin grammer for u) is acutally top gremlin on rankings (and is actually even lower than he should be due to a mix up) and Kris (balefirestorm, swedishchef) didn't really have a claim :P (might have something to do with being the best painter)

This all boiled down to who had the biggest hat :) (problem was we had no way of knowing) So result was we were going to each play each other and see who was top, thing was a bunch of other gremlins jumped in and wanted to play and here is the result.


A gremlin only vassal league, probably will run sometime in july/august (uni summer holidays) because thats when i'll have the time to run it.

So this is really a feeler to see how many people are interested and put up a few questions/thoughts.

1) How many gremlins want in?

2) SS size of games

3) Do you know how to use vassal?

4) Thought 1: With limitation to gremlin faction there is a limit to 7 masters. This could turn out dull if everyone starts choosing same masters. so how do people think this could be solved.

My current thought: fixed Master, everybody chooses their top 3 masters, i then allocate everybody a master randomly (names out a big hat probably) , with a bit of jiggery pokery i'll have everyone using one of their top 3 masters and a wide range of masters.

5) Thought 2: opponents not turning up. Likely it will be 5 games (each strat played once) each with two weeks to play it. there were problems in the recent league of 1 player not being able to play. I want to make that the end "rankings" are fair to all, as "rankings" follow games won first, if someone hasn't been able to play a game because their opponent didn't turn up i feel this is unfair. in realfaux tournaments it would b counted as a 10-0 to the person who turned up. To me this is unfair to all other players in the league as it could easily be a completely different score. So i need ideas of how to solve that is fair to the person who turned up and the rest of the players. the person who doesn't turn up i'm not worried about so much unless it's special cirumstances (eg family problems) as to me u'll only sign up if u know u can play your games. This is the one i've not worked out how to solve.

Last points: I have a nice idea for a prize to top gremlin (nothing confirmed yet, i need to get in contact with wyrd themselves and have a chat). this league is above all else for fun, i would have a forum thread dedicated to "gremlin moments" :) Please give feedback to all 5 questions/thoughts and then anything else u want to add.

hopefully this all ends up working and everybody ends up having fun :)

List of People Interested:


Me (Lemonconstruct)

Dom (Dumb_Luck)

David (mephiston)

Dan (SilverBullet)

Kris (rgarbonzo)


Kris (balefirestorm)


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5 - Late comers get fired out of a cannon.

Still the person who turns up has not actually had a game and so needs some kind of score, which is y i was thinking something like scoring it as at tournaments when someone forfeits a game. Just not as much a high score. Eg) Win 5-0 or similar, y i want to know what others feel is fair to all involved.

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I'd be up for this. Don't mind the game size, but I haven't used vassal before so don't know what is best. Learning vassal is my new years resolution though (along with painting as many gremlins as i can) so I'm sure by the summer ill have some idea. So in summary

1) I'm in

2) 41ss

3) No but I should do by the summer

4) Fixed master sounds good. Ophelia, Wong and Mah for me.

5) How about giving the person who turned up the average winners score from all other games and the person who didn't turn up the lowest losers score?

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  • 3 months later...

1) I'm in

2) 50ss

3) I think I have a basic understanding now, played 3 games on it so far.

4) Makes sense, thought there are some masters I have no interest in at all. I would prefer it if you picked your top 3 and then if both players have the same top choice, then the player who didn't get to play with their favourite most recently gets priority.

5)Is a tough problem, I'd go with 5-0 win to the attendee

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1) Sounds like a blast! 

2) 40-50ss whatever everyone else wants really . . . 

3) I've played 2 games so far, but think i have a pretty decent grasp on it.

4) actually i like your idea here a lot. lately i play a lot of Somer. I'd probably go with Somer, Ophelia, and Zoraida (ol Flappy Bags was my girl in 1.5 and i havent given her much time on the table in M2e) 

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1) This sounds like a fun idea. I'd like to try out. Never played Gremlins before, but they always seemed kinda cool.


2) I always prefer the standard 50 unless it's a Henchman or demo game.


3) No, but I plan on rectifying that.


4) I have no preference. I tend to just try stuff out.

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Dumb thought:

Put the soulstone level at 35-40, allow henchmen lead crews, have everyone give their top 3 masters and top 3 henchgremlims.  Put names in a hat, draw out names in order, and assign masters/henchpigs as you go based on player determined priority lists:

First player drawn gets his first choice
Second player drawn gets first choice unless already taken by first player, then he gets his second choice
and so on

Alternatively (because of where I live, 90% of all good soccer is played at ungodly hours), you could do a two division split: 7 players in the top league, each one with a different master, and all remaining players in the bottom league with their choice of henchmen.  The top league will round robin against themselves while the bottom league will do the same with their Henchmen, with the winners of each league facing off in a 'any master of player's choice' no holds barred finale for the Big Hat.

Nah, these ideas might be too complicated...

As a final thought, you could just allow everyone to pick a single master and allow as many duplicates of the same master as people want.  It might be a sign of the internal balance of Gremlins if everyone just takes Ophelia.

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