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Part 2 of the Greatest Battle Report Ever!!!! (In Technicolor!)

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Once again here is another battle report, that I am doing so I can get an achievement in the escalation league I am in. This time it was a 15 soulstone game.

My crew consisted of:

Yamaziko (Leader)

Otototototototototo - Yamaziko's right hand man

Oiran - Otototototototototototo's main squeeze

My Opponent's crew:

Candy (Leader)



Primordial 'Puke Snake" Magic


This Battle Report is brought to you by The X-Wing mini Y-Wing. (My friend Photobombed my opponent's crew when I was attempting to take a photo of it. Not really trying to promote X-Wings whatsoever.)


The strategy was Reckoning, therefore I led with Oiran who lured Otototototo, who then proceeded to move forward. Yamaziko moved behind the crowd and Braced Yari to protect everybody. Iggy gave Otototototo some burning, which would only anger him. The Sorrow was next to Otototototototototototo....etc. but as you can see he is not there, that is because he got smashed like whack-a-mole, close but no cigar Sorrow.


Meanwhile Candy decided to run to the side of the board and stay as far away from Yamaziko and company as possible. (Later found out that my opponent had chosen Entourage)


To remedy this I sent Oiran and Yamaziko after her. Unfortunately this planned backfired since Oiran got paralyzed and Yamaziko flipped a Black Joker and lost the attack duel.


Now that Ototototototo was left alone with Iggy, we all knew what time it was... HAMMER TIME!!! and bye bye Iggy, only before giving me a horrible burn.... next target... that puke snake looking thing over yonder there known as Primordial Magic.


Oh wait there he is.... and he soon went bye bye to an enrage mad man.


Yamaziko and Oiran tried one last time to take out Candy and yet again it failed miserably. That little she-devil was quite tricky to get rid of.

In the end I ended up losing 6-5, things I would have changed would have been if I would've known Candy would sneak her way around the board I would have split up my crew instead of going head on to Sorrow and Iggy.

Thoughts? Concerns? Comments? Captions? GO CRAZY PEOPLE!!!

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It's a way to earn points. In no way required. In fact, I think so far Nick is the only one to do so even though several of us have notes and pictures.

The whole point of the league is to promote the lighter side of things while giving players a motivating force to complete painting of a crew. There is very little in the scoring having to do with winning, and of what there is, most of it requires trying to win under special circumstances that are very hard to accomplish. (Win without ever attacking your opponent, for example.)

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