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What works well with Levi?


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It really depends on your opponent. If you know you need some blasts, Lazarus is pretty great. He can also copy attacks from any of your constructs, so that may come in handy. Hans is a fantastic sniper, and Levi benefits from him no less than any other master. With Pariah of Iron, you have access to some fantastic constructs. The Large Arachnid from the Arcanists will get you double the corpse/scrap counters, allowing you summon more. The Rail Golem is pretty tough, as is the Peacekeeper. The watcher is a fantastic objective grabber, being quick, cheap, and flying. If you prefer undead, there are a lot of other good choice. Bete Noire is a dangerous opponent that come back to life when killed. Canine remains are cheap attackers for you to use. There are a lot of other options as well. If you have no idea how to build Levi, his core crew (A&D, Alyce, Abominations, Desolation Engine) works great as well. I guess the "issue" is that there aren't too many "bad" ways to build Levi, instead there are a lot of great ones. Pick models you like and build a playstyle that suits you. With a large hiring pool, you have a lot of freedom.

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What he said.

Just look for any synergies between some minions and run with them.

Levi can be played a whole bunch of different ways because he has such a huge access. But, my top choice, dependent on which Pariah you take, are the following:

Iron: Large Arachind, he cuts things in half and he is unimpeded, which is nice for objective running, despite his slow speed.

Bone: Rotten Belle. Because Levi and his crew are mostly slow (A&D and Rusty aren't) anyone that can draw an enemy into Levi's range is appreciated.

And remember that Flesh Constructs and Necropunks are both Undead/Constructs so you can always take them. Fleshies are so solid and 'punks are great objective runners.

With M2e's balance being so spot on, it's hard to go wrong.

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