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Discussion on Dates/Venue/Format of UK Malifaux Masters


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Hey guys,

I just wanted to get talk surrounding the Malifaux Masters going seeing as though quite a few of the Scottish guys might be making the trip down, and plans earlier rather than later are good!

There's a few options, so I'll post them then discuss my thoughts on each;

- Hold with the Warhammer Fantasy Masters on the 11th/12th January in Stockport (North West Gaming Centre)

- Hold our own somewhere else, in January sometime.

- Hold one later in the year.

My personal preffered solution would be;

- Hold our own in January, the 18th/19th at somewhere else more central, such as Dreamlike Gaming in Mansfield (Never been to the venue, but it's fairly central for the UK). Then have a 2nd masters, Gencon weekend (or the weekend before) to match official Wyrd releases and hold our masters each August from then on.

This allows us to get in sync with the Wyrd releases, and mirror the US Gencon Masters. The reason for the date change from Fantasy is purely selfish, as I'm qualifying for the WFB masters and if there was a choice between the two I'd play for WFB but would be gutted to miss the 'faux masters.

As for the format, discuss this nearer the time, but I always enjoyed the H/WM format of 2 1-dayers, with your average placing across both counting. (So 1st and 7th would score 4pts, but finish behind someone finishing 3rd and 4th (3.5pts)). Just something different to consider.

So yah, discussion. Open to anyone even if you're not getting in. It'd be great to have someone doing awesome coverage (HEYYYY MALIFOOLS), and making it an awesome event. Depending on venue you could also have a side event for anyone that didn't get in but also wants to play.

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This year is always going to be odd, with the edition change and the loss of the usual venue.

I've thought for a while that it would make sense to try and link the Masters/Rankings cycle to the Wyrd release cycle, so we we're then essentially celebrating a year with the new book. I'd say go for summer next year. Plus the calendar around the beginning of the year is already getting full and it makes travel easier.

On format I like the idea of two events, but making the event more inclusive by adapting what happens already;

Day one the top 16 ranked players play a normal event. The top four players go through to day two.

Day two we have two events running side by side; Another ranked event takes place which is open to all, so the twelve eliminated players plus anyone else who wants to come along for the day play the event. Meanwhile the top four players from day one play two rounds knockout to determine the master and the top four.

This way it encourages more players to participate, people who didn’t make it into masters can still come along on day two and play a normal event. Also no one is left with nothing to do on day two, and with good timing there will be plenty of people there to see the new master crowned.

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I really like the sounds of that format James, with only two reservations:

1) Rather than doing two rounds of knockout on day 2, have the top 4 all play each other once (3 games) and collate those results as a mini tournament - that way they get 3 games like all the other attendees and aren't standing about after playing their two.

2) Would this end up being hosted a little too close to the GT, and thus make it difficult for players who might be torn between two full weekend tournaments very close together and potentially unable to make both?

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My only reservation with the format James is I think 3 rounds is a little too much luck of the draw to decide the top 4, 4 minimum. I agree with mike a round robin between the top 4.

My personal 'view' would be like 4 round standard format day 1, something else day 2, average the results. But I dunno.

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I wouldn't be averse to two masters, one Jan and one in the summer. I'm not sure I'd go August. Maybe go late June so we're the right side of school holidays?

Round robin works for the second day, as does having four rounds on day one.

The idea I'm really pushing is having an event open to everyone on day two so that it's another event in everyone's calendar and the whole community can celebrate another year of Malifaux. The rest is detail to me TBH.

Having the event cut to top four at the end of day one means you've a ready made pool of players for the open on day two, and people know they get a full weekend of gaming in even if they crash and burn day one.

Plus it's always felt a bit lame when the master is announced in a room full of half a dozen people.

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I have no objection to pushing the Masters back to next summer, thus meaning I can hold onto the crown a bit longer before having to defend it!


That said, late June may be an issue for me though, since my eldest son's birthday is on the 21st and the weekends either side tend to get booked up with family stuff as a consequence.

As long as we qualify, I'm sure Luke and I will try our best to attend wherever it's held. Firestorm sponsor the Rankings, so having the Masters there would make sense in that regard (not just because it's only 40 minutes from me!) but I appreciate the geographical difficulties and a suitable venue in the centre of the UK would probably be the fairest.

As for format, I like the idea of skimming the top four off for day 2 and then holding another event simultaneously but I do wonder how many rounds is enough to establish the worthy participants? Especially given that we had 5 this year, then the 2 knockout rounds for the top 4 and some muppet still managed to end up on top!


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As firestorm sponsor the rankings I'd have thought it'd be good to have it there, plus it gives firestorm some incentive to sponsor it again next year.

The top 4 round robin idea sounds good, although knockout is something they do over in the states and sounds interesting.

Date wise I'm easy - having it in January gives us another big event a good amount of time away from the gt but I'm pretty easy

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Quick post only from me as I'm restricted to my mobile and whenever I cn get wifi.

Firstly I like the format proposed and think 4 or even 5 rounds is possible on the Saturday if we run into the evening. Side event such as a story encounter on the Saturday a possibility I suppose.

Venue somewhere central makes sense. Should be different from the GT and we need to plan out ates to avoid conflicts as they are quite different events.

Ill put myself forward as organiser as I'm not top 16 material. Format as agreed and then I'll sort out the details.

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My school, where I am hosting fistful of fate, could be that central location if you like.

When you guys come in December, you can check it out to see if you think it suitable. It'll certainly have the space to take a 2-day event and can fit in plenty of folks over the 16 masters entrants.

It's got a nice projector in the main hall too for round times, etc. And plenty of off-road parking.

As for timings, I'm easy although keeping it well away from the GT would be my preference. How about at the rough time adepticon is held in the states, since our GT is now close to gencon?

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I would also vote Firestorm for the reason that they have paid for the rankings this year. I also would not be averse to paying for entrance to the event like a normal tournament. It was great that Eye of Storm hosted the masters at no cost to players but I don't think we can expect that from everyone.

If not Firestorm then the Midlands is good, the lower the better for us but I know you Northern boys don't like to travel. A lot of us will be at Joel's event so it has to be worth a look.

When? Calendar year works well and is easy to follow so my vote would be January and if it means Craig can come to both then not the same weekend as Fantasy. Gencon is too close to the GT in the UK so I would be against that choice.

Format? If I was in the top 16 I would want to be part of the two days, I hate the idea of being out of the running by day two. Half the fun of the Saturday evening is the anticipation of day two. I do really like the idea of two one day events and combining your score.

Just my two pence worth.

Luke – Former Uk number one ; )

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LLuke I totally agree on the staying in the tournament both days, I'd be gutted to miss day 2 if I epic failed, (I know there'd be a side tourney but I want to play in the masters).

As much as I appreciate firestorm have sponsored the rankings, it's a fecking ball ache for most people, especially the scots! My vote is for somewhere central to allow access to all.

Thanks everyone for commenting!

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I'd hope you guys wouldn't schedule for the same weekend as Adepticon or Gencon, in case some of you wanted to come over and play in those!

Round Robin on day two sounds pretty cool - but you'd have to figure out the rules so that you couldn't have a tie.

And I will go back to minding my own business.

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Looking at how full the event calendar is between now and the middle of 2014 we may struggle to find space for another two day event. How about making this an event at SmogCon / MassaCon so it's already on the calendar?

Would people want to forgo one or more of the other events at a Con to participate in the Masters?

Also, what about ensuring adequate space for the Masters at one of the Cons, especially if it remains free entry?

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