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This One Wandered in off the Street


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Hi everyone.

My name is Conor.

I heard of the game from an intro demo at a local store (Halifax, NS), and found myself surprisingly interested in the steampunk/horror setting (usually not my thing, but hey it can happen). I started looking into Malifaux at a weird time to buy models though it seems, with the announcement of book 4 and plastics (don't own any models yet though). The current plan involves me trying to get my friends to join in with the onset of 2nd edition, as it seems like ideal timing. I already have my sights set on outcasts, particularly with daw or the freikorps (eventually both most likely once the plastics come out).

Most likely I'll be ordering the 2nd ed rulebook and a couple of fate decks shortly. Hopefully I'll get a playgroup started shortly after that.

That's all for now,


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