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Maliaux 2.0 escalation league


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Escalation League kicking off at TWC in Ramsgate Thanet


Malifaux escalation league 02/10/13 – 27/11/13

4 ‘games weeks’ (which will consist of 14 days except game week 4 which consist of 15 days)

Fixed box set for the first two game weeks

Fixed box set plus one ‘blister pack’

Fixed faction for the final game week

Game week 1 will consist of 20 ss games led by a henchmen (no upgrades)

Game week 2 will consist of 30ss games led by a master (no upgrades)

Game week 3 will consist of 40 ss games

Game week 4 will consist of 50ss games no restrictions

You can play as many games as you wish, although you cant play the same person more than twice in a game week.


3 points for a win

2 points for a draw

1 point for a loss

1 point per game played at the club

1 point per 5ss of opponents unpainted models killed

Beta wave 2, as of game week 3 you may use beta wave models with permission from your opponent.

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