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Back-seams on the Illuminated w/ mini-huggy

Matney X

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It's a bit too late for me now -- I've already primed and basecoated -- but I was having a hell of a time cleaning up the visible seams on the back of the Illuminated with the smaller Hungering Darkness.

Have any of you had any luck with those, or is it pretty standard to just give up?

Also, Huggy D's seams for his arms were a pain, too.

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I found the entire crew needed a lot of prep work. In particular this Illuminated needed a lot of greenstuff filling, and Hungering Darkness needed some work doing down his back and inside his mouth, as well as the claws.

The worst one for me though was the female Illuminated - not only the dress, but after assembling and sticking on her mandibles her entire face needed reconstructing in greenstuff. I felt like a plastic surgeon.

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