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Hi all. I was cleaning the hobby area yeasterday and rolled all the rogue bits of Sculpey and Fimo clays I found into one bit ball, flattened, and made some swirly bases. The pic below is in its full-sized glory at goawayskips.tumblr.com. Best side is showing, and some have neat patterns on both faces.

The problem is that I have literally no one I can think of to use them for.

So the first people/persons who want these unique bases (13x 30 mm, 11x 40mm) get them. Willing to drop a quick pass of glossy finish or dullcote on them if need be. They're light and as long as it's not going crazy far internationally, it's on me for shipping. Comment or PM what you'd like/how many.

PS: the wee little one off to the far right was just some leftover.

Also, I realized later that I had the ability to do some minor (MINOR) stamping into new, unbaked bases: 0-9, A-Z, some smaller gears, Chinese characters, etc. A $2 block of clay will get quite a few nice bases out of it, so always willing to attempt some commission work. I'll put some pics up when I do a batch.


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