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Fuhatsu's Madman With a Gattling Gun



Madman With a Gattling Gun reads:

(1) Madman With a Gattling Gun (Ml 6 / Rg: :pulse3): All enemy models in range must make a TN 17 Wp duel or be pushed 3" from this model.

After succeeding, if this model is not engaged, immediately take a Steam Gattling Burst Attack Action against a model which was pushed by this Action during this Activation.

My question is...how do you declare a trigger when using this action? There's no flip involved on Fuhatsu's part. Should there be a TN on this?

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There is no TN or Rst stat listed so the player technically can't make any duels with that action. It can't be Simple nor Opposed duel therefore the trigger also could not be used in any way.

This Action needs a TN because without it you can't declare the trigger. :)

(And even if it would have a TN, the trigger is also badly written and has not much meaning as it was mentioned earlier.)

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Yeah, just give it a TN of 6. Then, even a Black Joker makes it work. Problem solved.

EDIT: I forgot about potential interactions that drop Ml value. So make it a TN 0. If Fuhatsu has his Ml reduced by 6, well, tough luck for him.

Morgan Vening

But you still succeed before anyone is pushed, so it will not work even with a TN.

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Page 30, Simple Duels, 4. Declare one trigger:

After succeeding: These effects are resolved after Step 5, and only if the model wins the duel.

This is worded the same for Opposed duels on page 32.

Therefore, assuming the ability gets errata'd to actually require a duel, the push happens then the trigger happens.

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