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Wyrd Dev $10 Gen Con Challenge

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Hi All,

So heading to Gen Con this year, each member of the Wyrd Dev office was given $10 dollars, with the goal of finding the best thing at Gen Con they could buy for under $10. Now we're going to let all of YOU vote for the best, and the winner of the challenge will take home ALL of them. (no, I'm not going to tell you who got what).

So basically, vote for your favorite!!

1) A set of five hand cut and painted wooden "alternate Pac Man" ghosts, including beaverghost.


2) A set of twelve classic pokemon figures in plastic and painted. Can you name them all?


3) One hundred bruce lee card sleeves.


4) A set of seven miniature metal silver dice, d4, d6, d8, 2d10, d12, d20.


5) Two wooden weapons in black and orange.


6) A "Poop" stop sign.


7) A classic 1984 Dragon magazine. Older than many of the dev team.


8) Seven rubber "ducks" including a set of 4 "crazy cat lady starter kit" cat-ducks.


Go vote! Voting ends tomorrow at 5pm (california time)

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Almost went with the Bruce Lee card sleeves, but the Dragon magazine is a classic. It had instructions (and plans!) for building your own cardstock castle, a useful article on supervillain groups, the Moon as an adventure location in Gamma World, dragon clerics (as in, that adult red dragon is a cleric, too - in addition to breathing fire on you, he can cast clerical spells), Wormy, Snarfquest. . . . heck, the ads alone have me feeling all nostalgic for the heady days when I was young and was still fairly new to RPGs.

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