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"There is no blank space in the book" -Justin

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In hindsight I do think the public beta should have been started and then closed 1 month earlier and also giving the design team an extra week or two put aside for purely proofreading and layout amendment work.

As someone who was involved in the private Beta I can tell you that the month before the public beta was still being used for plenty of changes. It wasn't a month of us sitting there, drinking tea and discussing the weather. There were several ideas that were played with and discarded during that time. MAybe everythign could ahve been moved a month forward? I don't know, but most projects expand to fill all the available time

I wouldn't have discribed the shown pages as blank space. I can see why the original poster has though. I've not yet seen the actual book, but am used to art appearing after section ends. Should they have fitted more than 4 upgrades on a page? I don't know, it makes them look to me to be the same size as the cards, so if you wanted to photocopy the page to use the upgrades then it makes sense. I'm also not sure what a layout with more cards on would have looked like, would it have seem cramped?Mind you, thinking about it if its an A4 book then that seems much larger than the cards...

Bigger art, or more pictures may have worked, as might a short story about one of the upgrades (The Family rushing up to nino after the'd been hit and finding he had lined his coat with lead). Dracos suggestion to put 3 and 2 and an extar piece of small art on the otehr page would probably work as well.

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This entire thread is an example of over the line - discussed HERE. If you truly can not enjoy a game because you disagree with the choices made in graphic design, I feel sorry for you, that's sad.

The continued harping on minor things, which we in fact heard the first time, tells me that you either:

Like hearing yourself talk.

Think that because people disagree with you, they somehow don't understand you, because there is no way you could possibly be wrong.

Like trying to ruin the game for other people.

None of this narcissistic behavior is welcomed in the forums. If you truly need this resolved, send back the book and we'll refund your money.

The behavior seen here has resulted in a 1 day ban for the OP.


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