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Your Death Marshals Will Have.....

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Initially, since I'm a Tara player, my gut reaction is burning all the way!

Though maybe looking at them I might have a change of heart, but they just seem very appropriate with her. Had I been playing Lady J though I would go normal out of coherence sake.

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They come with normal heads? See this information would be handy as all of the players in my area have said they hated the flaming skull heads. Hooking ghost rider wannabes up with Tara makes sense, but normally not a real popular choice in my neck of the woods.

Seeing as nobody planned to buy them we wouldn't have had anyone local open up a box and say "oh, by the way guys... Marshals have extra heads". A little advertising, even here on the forums, would go a looooooooong way.

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Anyone thought of magnetizing them so that you could use either one?

If I pick them up, I might. But it all depends on the paint scheme I'd want to use. If I go full Ghost Rider, I'll want even more flames and osl.

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I reshared someone's pics of all three marshals on another thread.

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All normal, painted zombified.

My only complaint is that Death Marshalls die too easily. I knew this in the Beta, but didn't care at the time.


They did gain +1 Df since beta. Not ironmen by any measure, but it's a pretty nice boost combined with them having hard to wound.

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