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Madamme Sybelle M2E and Molly + possible SPOILERS

Linus Mcmold

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I haven't noticed a thread during the BETA concerning Madamme Sybelles loss of a Belle characteristic and the subforum is now gone, so I can't know if there was anaything.

I just checked all her versions from BETA and that characteristic is missing in all of the versions.

SPOILERS (the fluff kind)

The story from the Wyrd Chronicle volume 7 was like Christmas happened in it even if it had nothing to do with that holiday.

I was hoping for a Molly to have a positive story along the way since she appears throughout chronicles and Book I & II (I haven't read Twisting Fates yet).

Anyway this story got me so pumped about the new edition and getting Molly as a master.

I'm pondering if the reason for Sybelles de-bellefication and henchman awakening is somehow connected to this new story.n

Considering the reason that Molly is now now free from Seamus's grip and there might be an ability on her that that will prevent Belles from attacking her since something killed Seamus (headshot from someone) in the Twisting Fates. Him being brought back from the dead by Gorgons Tear is the reason that both Molly and Seamus now share Gorgons power and both him and his belles were unable to attack Molly since she had affinity towards Belles from the moment of creation (similar to Sybelle ?).

Sybelle got awakened to more sentience somehow and is Seamus's only weapon against Molly or something like that... Anyway, there might be a game mechanic reason in the new editoin for removing that characteristic (Imma' go check it now).

If there was a mention of this in BETA or it was mentioned somewhere in this sub-forum, I'd love to have some clues. Barring there are none, I'd like to hear more speculation on that matter.

Since I haven't been a member of the ressurectionists before I'm happy I will join you in the near future (Maybe even in the second wave BETA).

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I don't think there is an in Fluff reason for Sybelle now being a Henchmen, most of the unique, named characters that originally came with the boxed sets are now henchmen. I don't think anything happened to Sybelle to make her more sentient.

My assumption for why Sybelle didn't have the Belle trait, was so that she didn't buff herself with Cathouse Madam, and to prevent Seamus from summoning her.

In 1.0 I argued, honestly, that being able to summon Sybelle wasn't something game breaking. Being able to summon her in 2.0 WOULD be game breaking.

Personally I wish she still had the Belle Characteristic, but given the two examples I mentioned above, I'm assuming that's why she doesn't.

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Heh, sorry for the bad spelling and one totally incomprehensive mess of a long sentence. English is not my spoken language, but I think it wouldn't help if that was the case.

I don't own Twisting Fates and the existing book in my community is being read by someone else so I'm waiting as one next in line to get it, since I currently don't make enough money to get rulebooks just for the art and fluff. I am already standing on my toes in aticipation to read what happens with Zoraida and Leve in it.

I've been eyeing Molly for a long time now and people warned me against taking her solo since she has a short list of models she can hire.

Seamus is my favorite iconic master I love to hate and I'd rather see him on the other side of the table. So I wasn't considering getting those two as my next combo of master/henchman for the previous edition. Now I'm glad I didn't.

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I hope Sybelle will come out as a solo model in the new edition since I love the new plastic one over the metal one (and that one wasn't avaliable on her own for some time now).

I guess she would be useful with other Belles and who knows if there will be some mad synergy with her and Molly now.

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Yeah, considering it was made by McMourning, and was said to have been put together with a few of his belles, it was pretty clear to me that it was a FC. Also considering how fast it went down, it HAD to be a FC ;)

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