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Yin and Toshiro


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So... when I get home next week from boyscout summer camp, I will be in a mad scramble to finally assemble my Yin and Toshiro that are still wrapped to hopefully attend SharpObjects Malifaux tourney at the awesome Games Plus in Mt Prospect. (If wife allows)

Since it may very well be the last v1 tourney I see run at a store, I want to ensure that models I have never played (Or in this case, not even assembled) see some gameplay with their original rules.

I theorized many moons ago about potential things with her like "Yin Yo-Yo" where-in you used her defensive trigger to push out of and then back into melee range of opponents in one triggering to re-force terrifying checks and such.

But the reality is, Yin and Toshiro always have been and still are simply theory to me as I have never faced or used either of them.

Its pretty tough to imagine with my schedule that I am likely to even get an opportunity to try them prior to the tourney, so I was wondering what people have done with them and whether anyone had run them both in the same crew and how that went.

For me, there is no such thing as too many details... :)

I am sort of ASSUMING Yan Lo, but am holding out some hope for a little Nicodem or Seamus love...

I can certainly slap a crew together, but would like to hear about what others have done individually or together.


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Yin is decent with Yan Lo, as is Toshiro.

But Toshiro really just becomes another buff support for Izamu with Yan Lo. He is simply too many points when you factor in Izamu and the rest of his crew. I still very much like the Drowned with him.

However, I really like him with Nicodem. His optional summoning is great, as you can let Nicodem have all the corpse counters, or just use all his actions to paralyze things, then let Toshiro summon a punk zombie then hit something. Plus his high cost doesnt' get in the way, as Nicodem obviously summons things, instead of just recycling them.

The combination of +2 Cb and +2 fate on the attack means your punk zombies will never miss, unless you flip the black joker.

(Trying to remember all this v1 stuff is making my head hurt. I've just decided to do the v2 stuff at GenCon, heh)

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I think Toshiro is pretty good if you run a few Punk Zombies and forgo Izamu. He is also a great supplement to Yan Lo's limited summoning ability.

With Nicodem he pushes the already formidable Punk Zombies to the next level (Cb 9:crows with a :+fate :+fate to the attack flip with a neat way of increasing their threat range) since they can benefit from both Nicodem's Bolster Undead and Toshiro's Daimyo ability. Add in that he uses a completely different resource for his summoning of Punk Zombies/ Ashiguru that allows you to double dip so to speak for summoning fodder (claiming both conflict tokens and corpse counters).

He doesn't really do a whole lot for Seamus. Yin though does a ton for the Mad Hatter and his crew.

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