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Old School RPG Style

Pagan Wolfe

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I am playing with the idea of doing some battle reports in an old school RPG computer game style, with dramatic cut scenes for duels (aka Shining Force... oh yeh, show my age). Here are some mock ups I have done for now, just for fun. Backgrounds will end up being animated and maybe some basic visual effects. There will also be a map view that I am still playing with... anyway...




I know the bases stand out, but I think it adds flavour to each individual crew and will make them more easily distinguishable.

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I have already made most of the assets I need in photoshop (well, outcast and Ortega guild), so now it is a case of dumping it in the video programme. Sure, it is a lot of work, but it is kind of fun too.

Now to just get a truly epic game worth reporting...

First one will probably be using 1.5e as 2 is still beta (well, post beta).

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