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Using photoshop to test out color schemes.


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So you have a fresh army and are not sure what colors you want to paint it...

Just so happens you have photoshop as well. So here is a little helpful something I picked up awhile back.

1) What you do is prime your model, in either white, grey or dual prime. Because black is terrible by itself. It just is, don't ask why. Then you take a picture of your fancy model like below!


2) Hell yeah, that looks sweet. Now open it in photoshop and make a new layer and color in a spot of the model on that layer. Then use the blending options to make it appear as if the color is on the model and not just over it. I personally just use overlay then make normal layers on top of that to further highlight anything needed. Picture below to help you find where the blending options are...


3) Now just spend some time and complete your concept, and if you are not 100% happy you can just use color correction and whatever else until you are happy. Picture below of the concept for my Sisters army.


4) Its not awesome, but it gives me a good view as to what I am wanting to see. Much better than spending multiple hours painting a model just to be unhappy with it and strip it down.

Happy painting everyone!

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