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Mei Fang or Misaki

Wooden Crow

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I am very new to Malifaux, I had my first demo game last night and played the Mei fang box with the Rail Golem. It was awesome, we used the M2E rules and the Henchman was great.

Anyway I was looking at picking up either the Mei Fang box with the Rail golem or going with the Misaki box and blisters to fill out the crew. I wanted to know what complements the Misaki box and what are the differences and similarities of this two crews. The group plays at 50 stones so looking to jump right in at that level.



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Not a lot of action over here with the beta going on. I might re-post this over in the 'New Player's Lounge'. That forum still gets some attention.....because people care about new players.

This is Dirty-D by the way. Great game last night. You really picked it up quick. I'm glad you're looking into it more.......you're going to add some great challenge into our group.

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Its hard to answer your question at the moment as V2 is in flux a little. And not many people have much experience with the new models to say a and b are completly great together.

I assume that you would be intending to play Misaki as Ten Thunders rather than as Outcast. And Likewise you want to play Mei Feng as Ten Thunders rather than Arcanist.

Some of it depends on what upgrades to equip them with, but laregly Misaki is considered very good at pickign 1 model and killing it. Mei is better at moving around the board and doing a smaller amount of damage to lots of different models.

Both box sets would work together. Other common purchases for Misaki would be Archers and Yamizaki. Much of the general 10 Thunder stuff doesn't have a model yet so you would have to proxy it (the Samuri and the Monk for example)

Hope that helps. The best people to ask are those local with you as the answer can vary dependign on play style. I really liked the rail workers in V1 games , but lots of other people here thought they were no use for Mei and prefered things like metal gamin (which I couldn't get to work at all).

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Go with Mei Feng! (I'm not all biased, nossir)

She is a lot of fun, her abilities have been pruned away to upgrades so if you want a straight up game she is good but can be expanded with her upgrades over time and experience. The rail Golem is an Arcanist construct but with FOUNDRY she can pull it from Arcanists into 10T or can pull the Rail Workers and Kang from 10T if you want to run her as Arcanists. (FOUNDRY limits the number of models out of faction to 4)

I have been playing Mei as 10T with Thunder Archers recently and really like her as she has been updated slightly with M2E.

Hope it helps. Any questions, just ask.


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The good thing about both of those crews is that they're both 10t (even though Mei is duel 10t/Aracanist) which means you really can't go wrong with either of them to start. You'll have options no matter what box you go with and if you decide one over the other, initially, you wont have much trouble mixing and matching if you decide on picking up the other box in the future.

Two things though that may or may not sway your decision.

1) Mei is duel faction 10t/Arcanist, so you'll have the option of playing two factions with her, which in the future may lead you to stick with one of the two factions as your primary. For a new player this is a great option to have for your initial investment! Also, she's the Chung Lee of Malifaux...kicking the sh#t out of everyone (litteraly).

2) No one is currently playing Misaki in our shop, so you'd be the only person really using her at the moment. I don't know how much something like that means to you, but some people (like my self) are weird like that and like to play the things that collect dust in a community. It's partly how I fell into playing Ressers!!!

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I'd say it depends a good deal on your local meta; if you face Undeads or constructs often, just add Kang to Misaki's crew, and you gain quite a lot of punch.

If you want to expand Mei feng I'd say Take some Metal gamins, since they are sturdy little buggers and can work well as her jumping points for Railwalker (better than Rail workers in my opinion).

In general I'd advise to proxy what you're planning on buying for a couple games, so you see in practice how it works for you and then decide if it is worth buying.

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