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Rams Ascendant: A Guild themed Custom Fate Deck


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So i need your guys help. We're designing the outcast deck, and after looking through the new art work/character for 2.0 i've started constructing a list. THis is what i have so far. Would appriciate your thoughts/changes/ideas. You'll see its not a fully completed list yet and i'm up for changing it all about if thats what the comments suggest!




Student of Conflict

Desperate Mercenary




Rusty Alyce




2 Viktoria's



Red - ?

Black ?

No Schill in there? I would make the viks on one card if they can fit and then schill to replace one of them.

As for the cards Student of Conflict/Red and Hodgepodge/Black

A freikorpsman/Hannah to replace student in the jacks


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Haha we might just do that Wyandottemike.

Heretic I completely agree. That's why Zac and I did the deck. Next one is now the outcast deck then resurrectionists. Now we have one fully made deck, it's much easier to design new unique decks in a lot shorter time frame

You would have another buyer here on the rezzer one for sure!

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Well guys, thanks for all the interest so far. Here's the finished cardback to whet your appetites a bit more:


Cover by zachos2, on Flickr

The entire deck is sitting ready to go to the printers: Legion is in contact with them, and I've messaged Eric and Nathan about the possibility of selling, so we're waiting to hear back from them before moving any further with this deck. While we're waiting Legion is project managing the outcast deck (Most Wanted), and I'm beginning planning a resser deck (The diary of Phillip Tomburs, Deceased, as dictated to Ms Molly Squidpiddge, Deceased). Our intention is to do all factions, although each one will be quite different in style. We've already learned a lot in making this first deck (don't add any effects before porting into photoshop), and I'd really love to develop my artistic skills with each deck. I can already see a difference between the first sketches I did on this project and the last.

Anyway, thanks for the support so far. Any suggestions for the upcoming decks, now is the time to mention it: We tend to do hobby weekends so will go from concept to product in a couple of days.

All the best.


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Damn it. Now I'm starting to crave that guild deck as well..

Ah good on you zFiend!

Just for people to know i'll start another thread for the outcast decks progress so that you don't have to wade through this thread to get there. Hoping to start working on it this week potentially, so keep a look out!

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How does it work if you can't sell them, but we want a printed set? Do we just cover the printing cost so you break even?

That is a very good question, and I'm afraid I'm not sure. Eric or Nathan will have to talk us through the implications of it all, as this is really something we've fallen into. Still waiting to hear back from them at the moment. I assume they've got something important happening. Can't imagine what...

Other news is that today we placed an order for our first pack. We've found a place that allows us to have high quality plasticated cards, so we've ordered one to test the water. Legion will very soon own the very first Rams Ascendant deck...

Thanks for the interest guys. Knowing people would buy these is great for us. A good incentive to do the best we can.

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If it were me, I would make the jokers into something that is not actually part of the faction, but clearly represents the faction. For example, for the Guild deck, I would have gone:

Red Joker: The Breach

Black Joker: The Hanging Tree


Red Joker: Bag of Guild Scrip/ souls tones

Black joker: Broken handcuffs or shackles

Just my two cents....deck looks great!



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Do plan on making an Arcanist deck. Like Arctic Pangolin I also would stroke it every night. Is it possible to get one with additional RJs and no BJs?

There is an Arcanist deck in the pipeline, and the black joker will have a certain Raspuntina-ness to it for when you are playing with Decembers Pawn...

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