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The labour of a Hapless Peon

Hapless Peon

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I've been very slack for the last few years and have not painted much so with the imminent arrival I decided to start painting up my crews and clear out the backlog.

First crew to face the brush is Leveticus and friends.

Rusty Alice


Malifaux Child or as I have been calling him, "Levi's Red-headed Stepchild"


Steam Abomination (The number on the base is due to the fact some of my crew pull double duty in a Necromantic Bloodbowl team, "Orange Clockworks")


I'm pretty out-of-practice but I was mostly going for a table-top standard that I'd be happy with.

Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.

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Ok a little more work done, I don't like batch painting as I prefer to work on one miniature at a time. It's less efficient but it allows me to enjoy painting whereas batch painting makes me feel like it's work.

A couple more Steam Abominations


Second one that I call "Sack Boy"


And because he clearly has to drag himself around I couldn't help but add that detail in


I'm hoping to finish the Leveticus Starter box this week then I'll either expand on it or move onto another Starter.

As always Comments and Constructive Criticism are welcome.

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Again not Malifaux but a friend introduced me to Saga the other day and I decided to paint up some Scots.

Lord and Thanes (one of the Thanes wasn't quite finished when I took the photo).


Been playing around with different Tartan patterns, lot of fun!


The Shields are interesting to work on too, I think I'm going to try some more complicated patterns.


We are starting a new League in Brisbane this week so it should motivate me to paint some more Malifaux.

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