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A few quick tricks to make things better! I will add more over time.

1. Tired of slotted bases? Super glue some electrical tape over the slot them spread a layer of glue over it. Fills the gap and makes basing cleaner!

2. Use small rocks from a driveway or something to give your rocky land bases better texture. Also mix a thicker grit sand with a thinner grit sand to get a better texture as well.

3. Scuff up the top of the base before you glue with some low grit sandpaper. Makes your bases hold up better over time when using white glue. Doesn't really matter if you base with superglue though.

4. Prime a model black, then either do another coat of primer in white from a 45 degree angle down or airbrush white down to make natural highlighting easier. Like pictured below.


5. Use elmers glue and super glue to create stringy gross looking nonsense for monsters and other similar models like pictured below.


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