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Lynch or Mei Feng?


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I'm kinda torn between these two. One, the wheeling and dealing shadow gambler. The other, burning fists with awesome crew. I definitely wanna grab one of them, but can't which. I would definitely include Hans (2.0 beta edition btw). Any help would be amazing.

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Welcome to the forums. You’ve probably noticed that this area is rather quiet at the moment as everyone’s attention is focussed on the beta test. I’ve played and enjoyed both Masters in classic and beta rulesets so I suppose that this will come down to your preferred play style.

My experience has been that Jakob does well sending Hungering Darkness down the other crew’s throat, forcing them to deal with it and then bringing it back when the next Brilliant miniature (probably in your own crew in the beta version) dies.

Mei Feng can be played as a crew protector / counter puncher with her mobility and Vent Steam ability. Alternatively, you can do what I always end up doing, which is launch her forward into the thick of it and hope for the best. It doesn’t always work, but it is usually quite entertaining. Kang is a beast with nice melee powers and durability and the Rail Workers are good cheap filler minions with a bit of utility. In my opinion both of these have lost a bit in the beta test which might indicate that they were a little bit too good before.

I haven’t tried Hans (or any other mercenaries) but I speculate that he might be a bit trickier to use with Mei Feng as you’ll often have Vent Steam up which will limit your targeting opportunities a little. So in that regard he might be a better fit with Jakob.

The crew boxes (three Illuminated plus Jakob and Hungering Darkness versus Mei Feng, Kang, three Rail Workers and the Emberling) are both good and full of miniatures that you might want to use. In particular, the beta test seems to have given a relative boost to Illuminated; previously I don’t think I’d have used more than one in a crew.

The beta rules are free to download anyway so you might as well print them off and play a few games with both masters and see which you prefer. Good luck.

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