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Halifaux - Tournament, 20th October, Halifax UK

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Welcome to Halifaux!

On Sunday 20th October, you are cordially invited to attend the first Malifaux event run by the Pennine Raiders wargames club in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The plan is:

  • Published M2E rules-set (ie. excluding any models still in beta in October)
  • 3 Games, Fixed faction, 50ss
  • Max 30 players
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Wooden Spoon, etc.
  • Best Painted & Best Scheme Markers


Belgrave Social Club

227 Claremount Road


West Yorkshire


Confirmed/Paid Entrants:

1. Stuart Cain (Ratboy Stoo)

2. Mike Marshall (OldManMyke)

3. Joel Henry (Joel)

4. Craig Johnson (ukrocky90)

5. Dave Chandler (sssk)

6. James Doxey (MythicFox)

7. Matt Spooner (mattspooner)

8. Craig Galbraith (Rilkyn)

9. Lee Battrick (leebat)

10. Geraint Osborn

11. Chris Holloway (Tigerstyle)

12. Jimmy Balderstone (Ninjahamster)

13. Ant Hoult (Stryder)

14. John Paul (John Paul)

15. Ade Mills (AdrianMills)

16. Nathan Chenery (Nephilim Nate)

17. Stephen Gaskell (Meggypeggs)

18. Adam Boyes (Boyzie)

19. Robert Balmforth (Barney)

20. Paul Greenland

21. Paul Ditchburn (HxFluff1986)

22. Jakab Sennett (Kriltic)

23. Pete Wright (OTP)

Expressed Interest List - (Note that first option on confirmed spots will go to people on this list, ie. do not send payment if you are not already on this list):

24. Ben Sanderson (Laydoth)

25. James Braund

26. Andrew Snow (Snowycragrat)

27. Christopher Southwell




Reserve List :

Halifaux Rules Pack.doc

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Ok sign me up. David Millington.

Guessing I be propping up the everyone else. will be about 4 months into playing Malifaux by that point

Edited by Enazel

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Thanks for all the interest everybody!

I'm hoping to have a rules pack ready by this time next week, and then I'll start accepting payments and locking down places

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There certainly would. The venue has capped me at 30 players, so we're almost full.

---------- Post added at 11:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:32 PM ----------

Just a quick note to point out that the original post has been updated, the rules pack is up, and payments are now being accepted.

Have at it!

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