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Hello from the Uk


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Hi all,

I haven't played yet. I have no rule books. I have no models. :Sad_Puppet2:

BUT . . . .

The twisted world of Malifaux has me hooked already . . . . . having just got back into GW after a 15+ year break I stumbled across Malifaux and goddamn if its not one of the best things I've ever seen!!

Although I've only really been painting GW models over the past few months I actually want to PLAY Malifaux, v1, v1.5 or v2 I don't care. I wants it. I needs it.

I had a play test of Warmachine, very good, quite fun but i actually prefer the card based system of Malifaux from what I've seen - and the fluff, the art, the models, oh my!

Anyway, i'll shut up rambling now.

I'll be looking for a Henchman around North West England - Chester area to be exact.*da.bomb*

I have rules on order.*evil*

I have mini's on the way to paint. :ninja:


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This tournament is in Stockport, South of Manchester.

They have a Henchman there...


Thanks for the link, I did come across the event elsewhere on t'internet but didn't think there was much point me attending being such a noob . . . . . and not having much of a clue . . . . though a trip up to have a gander may be worth thinking about if I'm not working ta. *happy*

Pretty sure it's meant to be me in Stockport but I've recently moved away and Malifaux isn't massively popular at the Stockport Gaming Centre for various reasons... Ozz might be the closest now?

Finding it really hard to find anywhere local that plays but won't be giving up yet. Seems like Warhammer, WM/H and Flames of War are really popular, but things can change. *wink*

Hell, I'm a convert.

I'll check out where Ozz is based cheers.

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