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Alternate-head Teddy


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Awesome, better than the original.

A lot of work with cutting and to filling it, huh?

Nice Work! I too am curious how much of a pain it was.

Cutting the original at shoulder level leaves the bottom half of the mouth on the mini's chest. After attaching the NM head I had to do a bit of green stuff work on the front and a little on the back. I actually made a green stuff mold of the Teddy's fur to patch in under his chin, but had to do some real sculpting at the seam. I definitely like my sculpting better than the stuff from the mold - I should've done it all that way. Overall wasn't terribly difficult (broke one jeweler's saw blade, but was probably being a bit careless).

I did the same thing a while ago, only used the grinning head. I think those nightmare heads are actually better as the original one is terribly flat. Excellent job on the painting, really like how your Teddy turned out.

Yours was the one I saw that inspired me, Viruk - thanks for the idea!

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