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Here are my first two completed models from Malifaux.


For both of them I've tested basing techniques I had never used before.

The Sorrow has paved base sculpted in greenstuff after gluing model to base.

I'm not very pleased, the sculpting looks lots rougher than I thought, luckily, some time has passed since I've made this base and my skill with greenstuff is hopefully improved...

Anyway I'll try a smoother finish on next ones.

The Ice Gamin is my first test in snow making.

In spite of using simple and cheap materials (pva glue and backing soda) I'm quite happy with the final result. I don't like very much how I have divided it in two "ponds" that don't looks natural at all, but the overall effect looks good to me.

Also, I'll have to revise the Gamins paint scheme: I've tried to give it a lighter/whiter skin tone on the chest/belly and the palms of the hands but I can barely see the difference. Need a stronger contrast on the next two.

Critics and advice will be welcome :)

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Some good results you have there. For doing tiled bases I would recommend sculpting one "master" without the model on it and then making a mold: sculpting each base entirely from scratch is very annoying when you want to finish a model. This way you can make up a batch of them, and have them ready to go when you've finished painting.

As for the snow, it looks good, although as you say, it looks a little sparse. I've tried building up larger amounts by adding more flock to the pva, which worked quite well and looked more like a drift. I also added some very fine glitter I got from ebay which has worked quite well to give the snow a more magical feel: it isn't natural snow after all.

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Thank you VERY much for reply!

I have sculpted the base on the Sorrow directly in place because I prefer to not clip the tab on metal miniatures, to get a stronger bond to the base.

I'll try the glitter on the snow, I already have other tests to do, as using modeling snow (like GW one) or water effect in place of PVA glue. Thanks for suggestion.

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