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Miniature manufacture


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I have attempted to contact Wyrd via email several times.

There phone number, I have found, is very difficult to obtain.

Does anybody know of a way to get in contact with them?

I am interested in who Wyrd utilizes for their miniature production. I have a few pieces that I would like produced and the quality of work that they do for Wyrd is very good.

Does anyone know who they use?

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.


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I've only seen a few pictures of the sprues, so I can't say for certain, but it looks like Ghost to me. Ghost is/was the company that 'absorbed' Bastion (Ex Illis) and Wargames Factory, and are the only company that I'm aware of that uses the stacking frames technique.

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oh,... and those casting die bricks,.. can run into several hundred dollars or more. It won't be feasible to get a cast made, unless you plan to make many models with it and then sell them for the return. Otherwise, it'd be cheaper to just pay a sculpter a small bit of money to design you a one-off piece.

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Depending on the metal used, the mold can be many thousands of dollars. Secret Weapon Miniatures, over on Kickstarter, has called the costs for tooling (cutting) the molds for their 1'x1' battlefield tiles at $80,000 (US) per set. That works out to be $10k per tile--and that does not include design.

Sorry, I missed the part where you said there were pieces you wanted made. Like Webmonkey said, injection molding is unlikely to be the way you want to go unless you're wanting hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces.

There are several freelancers out there in the market, and there have been several advances in resin/plastic technology. You might have some luck if you start looking in the forums over at Trollforged. Ed Fortae is currently working with Defiance Games (the former owners of Wargames Factory) with their spincast plastics.

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