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Looking for novelty tokens and stuff, so harassing you guys for knowledge!


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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but if it is I imagine it'll get nixed soon enough.

I'm curious if any of you artsier-than-me folk either have knowledge as to where/how to obtain things such as novelty corpse counters, soul stone tokens and such. I'd be willing to work things out with someone to have them crafted and buy them if that'd be possible (And not crazy expensive haha.) but any advice on where to pick them up or even "Hey, they aren't impossible to make! Stop being a whiny baby!" and advice on their construction would rock.

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Soul stones are really cheap and easy. Just find some coloured glass beads. Or do you mean the bag of soulstones event? If so, then try a sack like blob of greenstuff and in the open end put some tiny trimmed off bits of a plastic sprue that you can paint as gems.

Corpse counters: Raid your (and your friends) bits box. Any spare arms and heads can make a gory kill. If you know any Kings of War players then I know the elves get a dead body on each unit sprue (maybe the other races do too). File off a few of the armoured plate lines and they could make a generic dead body.

Scrap counters: back to your left over plastic sprues. Hack away and paint as metal.

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im down to hooking you up with some stuff? things can be made quick and cheap i guess but i was looking for something a little better too. so i sculpted up and made a mold of some stuff...

heres the master sculpts for some:



heres how some of the stuff came out and looks:

cart came out great!


body part counters:



different combo's so each counter is a little different!


corpse counters: just have to glue to a base... although these are a little long but chopped at the knee they look perfect!




book tokens and a set of objective markers based on clue... poison bottle.


bag of soulstones:


tons of scatter terrain ive made... carts barrels etc etc...


private message me but these are my tokens ive been slowly messing with.. ive got more now but these are the only photos i think i have?

oh.. heres an arcane apparatus i still have to print and mold but it seems pretty cool so far?


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from time to time i put more stuff up on my blog... if you click on the pic of me (also my avatar) you can see the stuff ive been making... as i finish or get to pic taking... anyway.. let me know what you think... pm me if you want some... or let me know if you want something custom

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also, anyone else interested should go ahead and contact me too.

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