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Malifaux Demos, Open Play, and Painting Lessons in Bloomington, IL May 4th


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Malifaux Demos, Painting Lessons, & Open Play!


Saturday May 4th - 10am (Store Open) to around 3pm


Gryfalia's Aerie

309 N Main, Bloomington IL 61701


We will have models available for demo games and open play tables setup featuring TerraClips. No experience necessary. Just show up and have some fun! We have a couple regulars and multiple starter crew box sets so stop on by to try a demo or to play a game. New players, old players, all are welcomed. If you have a specific idea of a crew you'd like to demo with, let us know in advance and we can try to have it available.

We will also be hosting open painting. Bring your own miniatures/paints from any range or use those provided from Wryd Minatures and ready to go. Learn the basics, skills to get good looking minis quickly, or more advanced techniques. No experience necessary and materials provided if needed.

So come on down to the Aerie and join in for some adventures through the breach!

Local Forum:


Henchman: James (PM: JSKrush)

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I'd love to go to this; I /suck/ and painting my minis. ... well, to be honest, I don't think I've ever really finished any...ever...in about 14 years of playing mini games. I've had a few close; some Heavy Gear and some Confrontation and, actually, I did paint up my Z-G figure once...

I'm pretty excited to paint my Pandora box.

Hope it goes well for you guys!

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