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La familia Ortega


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I haven't painted a model in about six years, so my technique is rusty. I wanted each model to have its own personality and tell its own story but still have a certain cohesion visually. I used varying tones of brown, blue and turquoise.





And being as I can't do anything half hearted, I decided to make soulstone counters. Being blue "crystals" I decided to give a slight nod to the show "Breaking Bad".... My story is that they come from the "Heisenburg Mines".


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Cool. They look good together. I might give one more slight (as in only covering a very small area - not much more than a wavy line really) highlight to Perdita's and Francisco's hair at the highest points that the sun would hit. An extra highlight on black hair helps give it that shine that healthy hair should have.....I usually actually go all the way to white (but that's an extremely thin highlight line at that point....built up over several layers).


"You know who I am. I'm the chemist. What's my name?"


"Say it again."

One of the best shows on TV.

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